Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Postage Plight

"A new direction is being taken to help improve the relationship between customer and the mailing industry. According to the Postmaster General "Working together as an industry we can address continuing economic challenges in a way that allows the Postal Service to generate much needed revenue while being more responsive to ongoing customer needs.” He also states “The proposed increase is just one of several solutions being pursued by the Postal Service to regain financial stability without placing an unreasonable burden on consumers.” New mailing service prices are being filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission and the price increases are limited to the Consumer Price Index cap of 1.7%."

So what exactly is the Postal Service doing here? They aren't robbing us blind, are they? Although a few of us might stamp our feet in fury, grumble about those "darned G-men", the majority of us are more than happy to continue using the Postal Service. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple: USPS offers a service that is still affordable and effective. They are simply attempting to adapt to their new financial situation in a reasonable method. Now, everyone's financial situation is different, but we tend to all have the same goal in mind, when it comes to marketing - be able to sell as much of our product as we can. So what can we learn from USPS? Make the necessary changes in order to properly adapt for today's market, as well as the market of the future. However, as with everything in life, do so within reason.

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