Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breaching the data? Or data breaching?

That is the question!

Well the news of another data breach has hit the headlines and no sooner than it hit it has disappeared! I find it interesting that just last week the sky was falling and now all seems right in the e-mail world!

Well the truth be told all is not right and wasn’t right even before the “data breach.” The good news is only name, address and e-mail was breached! The bad news is the message that followed,” DON”T OPEN YOUR E-MAIL”

It’s not like response rates were good to begin with.

So what’s a marketer to do?

Well if any of my clients asked and some have, I say “Mail a letter first telling your prospect that an e-mail will be coming!” Tell them what the heading will say! Tell them how much you care about their safety! Tell them how much you appreciate them! Tell them to respond! Tell them what they can expect!

And I bet your response will at least get back to the rate in which, it was if not better. I’ve already seen some stuff come through that was very suspicious so the spammers are already starting. Be smart! Using e-mail as a prospecting tool alone will only put you into one category. I can guarantee they will read your mail piece!

Pete Carney!

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