Monday, March 14, 2011

Direct Mail is Dead

Direct mail is dead I was told!

With the escalating cost of postage, paper and print, who’s not surprised at the news! Well if you can’t stomach the cost of all those things, you'll always have e-mail!

Wait, did I hear that using e-mail for prospecting won't work either? Tell me no it ain’t so joe! What is a good marketer to do? Are there any alternatives to these nightmares?

How do I get the response of a direct mail piece without the cost of the above mentioned?

Alternative…….alternative media! Yep I said it! ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

There is a way to get every person that buys via direct mail and e-mail to see your marketing piece without postage at least!

See every time some buys via direct mail or online, the product must be shipped! Meaning: most likely there will be a box involved. Now, not every company will have it, but there are plenty of them that allow you as a marketer to insert your piece right in their shipment!

We all know this media as PACKAGE INSERTS!

I’m talking very cheap! I don’t know of a single program that charges anywhere near $150.00 per thousand! Mostly half that amount! Talk about a OPEN RATE! Hell you're sure to have your piece seen! Not too mention…no POSTAGE!

We have started a division just servicing that media! And we will be bringing on insert programs every month! And the programs we don’t manage we know where to go to get you into the programs you need!

So now you know there are alternatives so contact us and I’ll put you in touch with our package insert expert, Jim lynch! He’s known as one of the best package insert experts in our business and I’m proud of the fact he’s working with us!

Pete Carney

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